Chris Pfanner Raw Files

After the Propeller dropping a couple of weeks ago, Vans have taken to releasing "Raw Files" through Thrasher Magazine. The  latest comes from Anti Hero representative Chris Pfanner and it's impressively gnarly to say the least.

If you haven't seen Propeller yet then this will definitely make you want to head over to here and buy it on ITUNES.

Vans Propeller Premiere

I was lucky enough to be put on the guest list for the VIP screening of Vans Propeller. Having held a strong foothold at the top of the skate shoe market for almost 49 years and a list of team riders that will appeal to every single skateboarder alive, the long anticipated Vans feature film has come to fruition. With Greg Hunt at the front of the operation, we were bound to be blown away.

A big thanks to Vans for bringing such a momentous event to London and make sure you keep an eye out for Propeller's download release on iTunes on Tuesday 5th May.

The New Year

This Footage has been sitting on my Mac being ready to be edited up for quite some time now and I thought it was about time I graced your eyes with what myself, Ben & Hazeleigh managed to capture over the last few months in 2012.

Featuring: Jacob Hedges, Sean Csuka, Phil Le Maistre, Matt Weekes & Dan Gee. 
Filmed by: James Brown, Ben Wilks & Hazeleigh Prebble

I have to say we didn't have many filming sessions to get to this final product, due to jobs, weather and other stuff that happens when you start becoming old. This video is just a sign of things to come in 2013, so keep your eyes firmly fixed on SEA and get ready for what the future holds.
There will also be an offcuts montage appearing soon enough, featuring a load of stuff from more local skateboarders. 

Dan Gee & Sean Csuka at Revolution Skatepark

Apologies for the overload of revolution footage, but all the street footage we are getting is going towards a montage that is looking pretty imminent. Also the weather isn't very friendly at the moment. So for now check out these clips from Dan Gee and Sean Csuka. 

Revolution Skatepark Clip

I went to revolution skatepark a few weeks ago and collected these clips. 
Featuring (in order of appearance): Sean Csuka, Jacob Hedges and Matt Weekes

Journal #2

South East Aesthetics presents its second monthly Journal, documenting skateboarding and the culture that surrounds it in the South of England.
In this months issue have an Interview with Sean Csuka we catch up on the local scene in Folkestone with Joel Snowman in our feature "neighborhood watch", we head to Sandwich where we take a look at the picturesque scenery and also provide you with a handful of other images from the wet month of October.

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